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HAWKER® EDGE™ - The Next Evolution in Motive Power Management

In the modern world, analytics are everything. From healthcare to sports, supply chain issues to economic forecasts, data management, analysis, and prediction are driving new trends in industries of all kinds. 

At HAWKER®, we understand the value of emerging analytics in the 21st century. By gathering motive power operation data and applying this information to the challenges of today and tomorrow, we can find new, more efficient and lower total cost of ownership solutions to motive power management. For our industrial partners, greater information leads to increasingly helpful, value-added, and cost-effective motive power choices.

To these and many other ends, we present our next step in motive power management: HAWKER® EDGE™ - cloud based Motive Power Analysis and Sizing tool. So, what can analytics do for your business?

Features & Benefits

HAWKER® EDGE™ is a cloud based application featuring sizing and financial information for multiple motive power battery technologies including lithium, thin plate pure lead (TPPL), and flooded lead-acid. By providing multi-site management across material handling vehicle fleets, HAWKER ® EDGE™ provides data-driven reports to help inform your motive power battery and charger decisions and predict your future ROI and TCO for a clearer picture.

Financial Projections

In competitive industries, every penny counts. With HAWKER® EDGE™, you can model your financial costs well into the future by using data from the present moment. 

How much will it cost you to operate your forklift fleet across several sites over the next decade? Is there a more affordable solution? Would you be better off with a different power source at one site while maintaining the same power source at another?  Return on investment (ROI) and total cost of ownership (TCO) are two invaluable metrics that can make or break your competitive edge. Making the best decision for the future of your plant, warehouse, and operation requires the best information. HAWKER® EDGE™ allows for adjustments in productivity, operational hours and break times to accurately identify your ROI and TCO across power sources for a clearer picture. Easy-to-read reports lay down facts and figures in a manageable way so that you can share your cost-saving findings with others in your organization.

Multi-Site & Multi-Truck Capability

No two sites, vehicles, or motive power applications are the same. Even the same battery in the same vehicle may perform differently from one operation to another, application to application, and site to site. 

Understanding your power needs requires versatility and the ability of modeling different applications and vehicle demands across multiple sites for more suitable management and ideal solutions.

Model a Full Work Week or More Of Battery Usage

HAWKER® EDGE™ uses real-life data to model battery usage by vehicle, site, facility work shifts, and weekly operating schedules. Our battery sizing tool can reveal better choices, uncover hidden costs, and frame predictive models in an easy-to-understand visual report for power management mastery.

Achieve Your Edge with HAWKER® EDGE™

When you choose HAWKER® for your organization’s motive power needs, you’ve placed your trust in us. Our team of experts provides you with the tools and support you need to manage your motive power fleet. Use real-life data to make sage battery and business decisions by choosing HAWKER® EDGE™.

What can cutting-edge analytics do for your motive power solutions?

You’ve trusted HAWKER® with powering your fleet, your success, and your industry. Now, take that trust to the next level by using real-life data to analyze your motive power fleet. Our batteries, chargers, accessories, and applications are designed to exceed the challenges of today and tomorrow. Now, you can use HAWKER® EDGE™ to make the most of your motive power fleet, saving time and money. Find a HAWKER® representative near you or contact us today for more information.