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Whether you’re cost-conscious or just focusing on your bottom line, the HAWKER WATER LESS® battery combines the benefit of full power with reduced costs.

At HAWKER ®, we provide solutions for all facets of the motive power industry, and we’re always conscious of what makes sense for our customers. That’s why our WATER LESS® lead-acid battery is a perfect fit for customers who want to reduce battery maintenance and expenses, but continue performing at the caliber they’re accustomed.

With the WATER LESS® lead-acid battery, you can expect a minimized maintenance schedule (compared to standard flooded batteries) with required waterings only four to six times a year depending on your application. No need to sacrifice performance for reduced maintenance.

Benefits of WATER LESS® 

The WATER LESS® lead-acid battery utilizes modern technology to reduce maintenance while offering the full performance of a flooded battery.  

How is this accomplished? Effortlessly, through the proprietary grid metallurgy.

All together, the WATER LESS® battery can reduce 90% (or more!) of your watering expenses, which, over time, lowers your cost of ownership. 

Compared to your traditional flooded battery, the WATER LESS® battery offers 1500-2000 life cycles (based on one cycle per day and 80% DoD), is best suited for medium-heavy applications. 

The less water that’s required equates to:

●  Cleaner battery rooms,
●  Less hazardous waste water, and
●  Less ventilation required due to gassing during charging.

Plus, with WATER LESS®, no special charger is required! You can charge your WATER LESS® using a standard charger

For environmentally-focused companies, WATER LESS® ensures you’re providing topnotch solutions for your customers while remaining environmentally-friendly.

WATER LESS® Cost-Savings

Still curious if WATER LESS® is right for your company? We’ve outlined some cost-savings below. 

●  In just one year of use, WATER LESS® nets you $263 in overall savings compared to a standard battery. 
●  Compared to a VRLA battery, the savings is higher, averaging out at $1,340. 
●  Calculated over a 5 year period, you can expect an estimated savings of nearly $1,200 when compared to a standard battery.

Compound those savings with a payback time period of 15.84 months or 1.32 years compared to a standard battery, and you’re on track to effectively reduce your bottom line -- while still performing at full capacity!

Learn More from HAWKER® Experts

Of course, if you still have questions about WATER LESS® (or need help deciding if it’s the right fit), we’d love to help! Contact your local HAWKER representative or give us a call at 1-877-7HAWKER. We can’t wait to show you the difference WATER LESS® can make for your company!


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