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HAWKER FLEX® Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) batteries (2V and monobloc) provide significant operational benefits at a lower total cost of ownership compared to traditional flooded, gel or air mixed batteries. Assembled using a thin grid design of high-purity lead, TPPL batteries offer more available power via more plates per bloc and increased plate surface area. HAWKER FLEX® (TPPL) batteries are excellent for light to medium applications such as; production areas, retail stores, and membership warehouses, and provide a maintenance-free solution for areas experiencing difficulty with battery watering, cleaning, changing, and obtaining full recharges daily. 

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  • TPPL Battery Technology has been proven and tested for almost a decade.
  • Excellent performance in partial state of charge operations.
    • Short equalize charge weekly as part of the standard charging profile.
    • Maximize the highest state of charge daily.
  • Perfect for applications requiring up to 1.6 throughput daily of rated capacity.
  • Ideal for opportunity and fast charging where frequent plug-ins are available.
    • 40 to 80% state of charge in 1 hour (using an appropriately sized HAWKER® charger).
    • .4C (40% of rated capacity) for 2V and .7C (70% of rated capacity) for bloc.
  • Perfect for light to medium applications – production areas, retail stores and membership warehouses.
    • Provides solutions for areas experiencing difficulty in battery watering, battery cleaning, battery changing, and obtaining a full recharge daily.
  • Environmentally friendly – 99% recyclable.

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