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Just five years ago, the average American didn’t have the term “supply chain” in their vernacular, let alone knew what it referred to and included. With consumers being long accustomed to getting what they wanted when they wanted it, the difficulties of today would have been impossible to imagine. 

Now, hardly a week goes by without a headline reading, “More Supply Chain Woes” or “The Difficulties of Getting X, Y, & Z at Your Local Store.” But these headlines generally include only one perspective: the consumer’s.

Another Perspective On Supply Chain “Woes”

Players in the material handling industry are working harder than ever to solve the supply chain issue for the global population. Their truck fleets and operators work tirelessly and use every new piece of modern tech to get ahead of demand while succeeding in their industry. 

At HAWKER®, we’re equally committed to providing your operation with every advantage. You need power to keep moving, shipping, and defeating the “supply chain woes” of current headlines. Now, you can monitor your motive power batteries from anywhere, any time with the HAWKER® MOD-ifi™ smart device app.

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What is the HAWKER® MOD-ifi™ Smart Device App?

Data is the name of the technological game these days. Professionals in all walks of life—from healthcare to marketing, finances to human resourcing—are using data analytics to achieve direct and intentional impacts for their operations and target audience.

Reliable, accurate data is required to take the reins of the supply chain and steer your organization where it needs to go. And when you rely on motive power solutions to literally move your business forward, keeping an eye on assets/equipment and total cost of operation (TCO) can only streamline your success. 

The HAWKER® MOD-ifi™ smart device app allows the monitoring of HAWKER® batteries to enable asset management and potential to prevent performance issues. Users can setup any Bluetooth enabled HAWKER® Battery Boss™ WC or HAWKER® Can Data Interface (CDI) to monitor battery usage, maintenance, and health. 

The HAWKER® MOD-ifi™ smart device app communicates via Bluetooth up to 100ft. with nearby HAWKER® enabled Bluetooth battery monitoring devices. The app then immediately displays the data on your mobile device in an easy-to-read, interactive format which can be shared via the cloud with other authorized users.

How Can the HAWKER® MOD-ifi™ Smart Device App Help?

By providing a convenient and easy-to-use way of viewing and sharing a facility’s battery fleet, the HAWKER® MOD-ifi™ smart device app can help operations protect their assets and promote the best battery maintenance practices to drive productivity and profitability. 

Across a facility or across the country, the HAWKER® MOD-ifi™ smart device app provides Managers and Supervisors a convenient way to transform battery data into actionable intelligence.

HAWKER® MOD-ifi™ Smart Device App Features & Benefits
To fully understand how the HAWKER® MOD-ifi™ smart device app can help your operation, learn the full spectrum of its features and benefits.

● Available for FREE on the Apple APP Store and Google Play Store
● Protect power system assets
● Optimizes battery fleet operations
● Is Bluetooth enabled up to 100 ft.
● Provides an easy-to-read reporting format
● May lower Total Cost of Operation (TCO)
● Capable of monitoring a single battery or an entire fleet
● Displays key operating data such as; amp hours (Ah) charged/discharged, temperature, voltage and electrolytic levels, battery warnings and alarms, and State of Charge (SoC)
● All data gathered is stored and accessible via the cloud
● Data is easily shared with other authorized users
● Allows authorized users to remotely configure HAWKER® Bluetooth enabled battery monitoring devices

Get the Edge You Need To Reclaim the Supply Chain

It may not seem like it from the headlines, but the whole world is rooting for you and your industry. You’re part of an unsung team of hard-working heroes worldwide, trying your best with the tools available to get us back in control of a struggling supply chain. 

At HAWKER®, we know what you need to make the most of these challenging moments while returning to and exceeding the top of your game. Take control of your fleet with the HAWKER® MOD-ifi™ smart device app.

Master your motive power needs so that you can master the supply chain.

HAWKER® is 100% devoted to innovating the tools you need to master your industry’s present and future challenges. Our batteries, chargers, accessories, and applications are here to support your motive power needs. Find a HAWKER® representative near you or contact us today for more information. 


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