• Leading Edge Solutions

  • As a single-source supplier, HAWKER® is perfectly suited to provide a total motive power solution. By manufacturing both batteries and chargers, HAWKER® can perform an exclusive “Harness the Power” on-site assessment of your operations. We will study and analyze your processes, operational costs, productivity, electrical consumption and demand. HAWKER® will design complete, customized power solutions to enhance each customer’s operation to improve efficiency, minimize costs, and reduce environmental impact.


  • Application-Product

    Our products are compatible but not limited to the following applications:

    • Forklifts
    • Burden Carriers
    • Hand Trucks
    • Pallet Trucks
    • Walkie Riders /Tuggers
    • Sit Down Riders
    • Stand Up Counter Balance & Reach Trucks
    • Sweeper Scrubbers
    • Man-Up Order Selectors
    • Turret Trucks
    • Other electric motive power applications
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    HAWKER and its North American dealer affiliates specialize in replacement batteries and new vehicle applications for all your lead acid motive power needs.

    For a detailed list of available products please feel free to search our online electric vehicle database or locate a local product specialist from our online dealer network.
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