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When you have an industrial motive power battery and charger system in your supply chain, it can greatly enhance operational efficiency. At best, industrial batteries and industrial chargers can both be budget-friendly and energy-efficient to your operation. However, without the right industrial charging system, you may miss out on some big benefits. 

So, what factors need to be considered when choosing an industrial charger for your motive power system?

Selecting the Best Industrial Charger For Your Material Handling Operation

When selecting an industrial charger, numerous factors must be considered. You’ll have to determine your current battery type, charging behaviors, and evaluate different types of compatible chargers. Additionally, when selecting the right industrial charger for batteries that power equipment like forklifts and lift trucks, you also need to consider the future goals of your company. At HAWKER®, we believe that the best industrial chargers provide the following benefits to your supply chain.


The first aspect you want to consider is the reliability of the industrial charger. If your industrial charger is not reliable, then a spontaneous problem or breakdown can disrupt your operations. Unreliable chargers lead to your warehouse experiencing extensive downtime and loss of productivity in your supply chain. Not only will you lose time, but you’ll also be wasting money and resources.


Similarly, industrial chargers that provide flexibility for your material handling equipment enhance operations. Industrial chargers with opportunity charging, multi-capacity, and non-stop power allow you to operate at peak efficiency. At HAWKER®, we ensure that our chargers provide plug-and-play flexibility, eliminating possible downtime as a result.


When selecting an industrial charger, you need to consider what will meet your current needs and solve future problems. The industrial charger you invest in today needs to be able to serve your supply chain in the years to come. As your material handling company grows, you deserve an industrial charger from a company that can offer scalability for future power needs.

HAWKER®: The Best Industrial Chargers in the Market

As you can see, there are numerous variables that should be considered before deciding on the right industrial charger for your operation’s needs. At HAWKER®, we have multiple high-frequency, high-quality industrial modular smart chargers to fit a wide range of applications, and can create a custom power system to exceed and grow with your expectations.

HAWKER® has been creating custom high-efficiency motive power systems for four decades. The HAWKER LifePlus® MOD3 is the latest innovation of high-frequency switch-mode IONIC smart chargers. These patented chargers are the result of more than four decades of experience and provide multiple charger profiles, peak efficiency, and non-stop power while reducing charging costs. Pairing the HAWKER LifePlus® MOD3 heritage with the advantages of modular technology, these chargers deliver a variety of benefits to enhance a customer’s operation such as energy savings, plug-and-play flexibility, advanced data management, and opportunity charging.

Partnering the HAWKER LifePlus® MOD3 charger with the HAWKER FLEX® Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) batteries can provide superior flexibility and cost savings for a variety of applications. Being virtually maintenance-free, these batteries can eliminate routine maintenance and battery changing, and may improve a customer’s bottom line. The HAWKER FLEX® TPPL batteries are the perfect power source for opportunity and fast charge applications and will go from 40-80% state of charge (SoC) within one hour, eliminating downtime when paired with an approved HAWKER® industrial charger such as the HAWKER LifePlus® MOD3. In addition to their outstanding performance, these TPPL batteries are environmentally friendly with minimal gassing, sealed construction, and are 99% recyclable - falling in line with customer’s sustainability efforts.

If you need assistance selecting the right charger for your business, do not hesitate to contact one of our expert dealer representatives today! Find your representative online or dial 1-877-7HAWKER (US only) and be connected directly.