At HAWKER®, we not only sell high-performing, top-of-the-line batteries and chargers for all facets of the motive power industry, but we strive to inform our customers on the best ways to care for these products. In order to maximize work productivity, it’s absolutely crucial to understand and enforce effective battery and charger care practices. Otherwise, your operation could experience financial loss due to poor battery and charger maintenance and costly replacements. Below, we’ve compiled a list of best practices for battery and charger care.


The Ten commandents of Battery Care

With regularly scheduled maintenance, battery and charger downtime can be kept to a minimum. In an industry where downtime translates to your product not being moved on schedule, this could result in late orders, upset customers, and in some facilities where shipments are timed - a loss of revenue.

Here is a list of ten steps in order to maximize your battery life.  

1. Place battery into service and complete a full discharge and charge cycle. Check and add approved water only (never acid) if needed after this first cycle is completed.
2. Never discharge battery beyond 80% and do not operate battery if the specific gravity is below 1.150-1.160sg for standard gravity batteries, or 1.175sg for high gravity batteries
3. If above 115ºF, allow battery to cool before charging or operating.
4. During shipment or prolonged storage, the electrolyte levels may fall below the separator protector. Only after a complete charge and discharge cycle, check and keep electrolyte level above separator and ⅛” below vent well, add approved water only when required, and never add acid.
5. Keep battery top clean, dry and vent caps tightly in place.
6. Keep open flame and metal objects away from battery top.
7. Calibrate or adjust truck lift interrupt for correct voltage cut-off, determined by the 80% discharge Voltage of the battery. 
8. Use only approved chargers of correct voltage and current output.
9. Keep battery cover or truck compartment open and well-ventilated during charge.
10. When in doubt, contact your HAWKER® Representative for long, reliable battery life.
*For additional details, refer to the HAWKER® 10 Commandments of Good Battery Care sheet (available via any HAWKER® Representative).

Battery repair or replacement is a costly investment. A poor-performing battery will lead to shorter run times and higher downtime, resulting in products not moving.  Additionally, a charger that is not working properly will result in your batteries not receiving the necessary charge to perform their best. Therefore, it is imperative to take the utmost care of your specific products. 

Cost-Effective Tips

Of course, battery and charger care can be a significant financial undertaking for smaller businesses. A couple of easy and cost-effective charger and battery tips anyone can execute are:

● Keep the inside of your charger clean by using an air compressor to remove dust build-up (or a low-pressure air vacuum if an air compressor is not allowed). Once a year (depending on usage), inspect the DC tips, housing for loose springs, and worn tips that may need to be replaced.
● Equalize the battery once a week. Check the electrolyte levels weekly or more often in high-demand applications. Only add water at the end of the charge if needed.

If you’ve been following incorrect or insufficient battery care practices, immediately cease your care practices and contact your local HAWKER® Representative for the best course of action.



Before beginning any battery or charger practice, make sure you fully understand the correct and best way to use each product. Following our Ten Commandments of Battery Care will create a roadmap for sustained battery success. However, if you’re in doubt about any part of the process, contact your Hawker Representative.



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