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Big Data & Motive Power Management

Motive power is the pulse and muscle of the modern material handling industry. Forklift management across several fleets and at different sites can pose a logistical gauntlet; and your operation needs motive power solutions that go beyond just cooling and charging to help you make smart, informed decisions. 

That’s why HAWKER®brings continued innovation to our customers so they can take control of their material handling operations—one accessory at a time. 

Collect Data & Gather Metrics with HAWKER® Battery Accessories

To secure an advantage in your industry, you need to measure key performance indicators (KPIs) such as product usage hours and health, care and maintenance schedules, product lifespan analytics, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) predictions, and Return on Investment (ROI) analytics for your forklift power sources. So how can HAWKER® data management devices help?

HAWKER® Battery Boss™ WC Battery Monitoring Device


The HAWKER® Battery BossTM WC (BBWC) monitors your HAWKER® battery based on capacity, temperature, State of Charge (SoC), AH consumption and additional parameters maximizing battery performance and life. The BBWC is Bluetooth enabled to communicate with other HAWKER® data management accessories and chargers such as HawkerNETTM and HAWKER® MOD-ifiTM and can transfer data up to 100ft away. Data can be quickly downloaded with a PC, laptop, or smart device and is easily shared in multiple formats.

Battery BossTM WC Features include:
• Small, slim design making it easy to install and setup
• LCD screen displays critical battery parameters
• Monitors key battery parameters such as voltage, current, temperature, electrolyte levels and battery “balance”
• 2 selectable data modes – cycles, profiles, or events
• CAN bus enabled to work with an CAN network
• Includes a Low Voltage Alarm (LVA)
• Passcode protected

HawkerNET™ Battery Management Tool


Financial predictions and sizing calculators are important data components to look at when setting up a motive power system solution for your operation. However, the key to maintaining you’re your power system and preventing downtime and interruptions is with constant fleet performance and health monitoring. Introducing, the HawkerNETTM battery management tool.

HawkerNETTM is a cloud-based battery management tool, accessible via secure login through  any web or mobile browser. This allows access your battery fleet at all times. At its core, HawkerNETTM sets out to answer two critical questions for your battery fleet:
1) How efficiently is the battery fleet being managed?  
2) How well is the battery fleet being maintained?

To answer these questions, HawkerNETTM gathers, interprets, and interactively displays measurable data across your fleet to reveal shortcomings, strengths, and opportunities for optimization and productivity.

HAWKER® MOD-ifi™ Smart Device App

mod-ifi app

The HAWKER® MOD-ifiTM Smart Device App relies on secure, cloud-based data storage to empower you with vital metrics anywhere, any time. Available for free on Apple & Google app stores, the HAWKER® MOD-ifiTM Smart Device App provides numerous insights, advantages, and capabilities, including:
● Motive power system asset protection
● Optimizes battery fleet operations
● Bluetooth enabled up to 100 ft.
● Provides an easy-to-read reporting format
● Reporting can be easily shared with other APP users within a user’s organization
● Monitors amp hours (Ah) charged/discharged, temperature, voltage and electrolytic levels, battery warnings and alarms, and State of Charge (SoC)

Motive power battery and charger management across multiple fleets and sites is as easy as opening up your HAWKER® MOD-ifiTM Smart App.

HAWKER® EDGETM Battery Sizing Software


HAWKER® EDGETM – the latest evolution in battery sizing calculator software features sizing and financial information to help inform your motive power solution decisions. Perfect for sizing Lithium, Thin Plate Pure Lead, Fast and Opportunity charging applications, the HAWKER® EDGETM software can provide custom-developed analytics to generate easy-to-read, interactive reports to help users understand which HAWKER®power solutions may work best for their operations and may lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Features and benefits include:
● Multi-site and multi-truck capable
● Model multiple batteries, chemistries, and chargers for comparison
● Model up to 1 week (including up to 3 shifts and 2 separate weekly schedules)
● Includes battery conversion from internal combustion (IC) to electric
● Calculates financial savings and Carbon Emissions savings
● Capable of projecting financial information up to 10 years for scalability
● Calculates Return on Investment (ROI) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Modernize Your Motive Power Understanding

Whether we like it or not, big data is an indispensable part of big business in the 21st century. With any one of these HAWKER® data accessories, you can give your battery fleet and your business the edge it needs to thrive today, tomorrow, and in the future. 

To learn more about how HAWKER® can help you, browse our motive power accessories and find a dealer near you today. 

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Use Data, Analytics, & Metrics to Strengthen Your Operation Today!

You have the fleet, the batteries, and the business  - but do you have enough information to optimize performance, maximize your investments, and prevent future problem? With HAWKER® on your side, you can strengthen your operations today to survive the challenges of the future. Find the best battery, charger, or accessory to meet your motive power needs. Contact a HAWKER® representative for more information today!