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At HAWKER®, we understand the investment our customers make in their motive power solutions. We expect our batteries to provide consistent, reliable performance, and efficiency at every turn. Additionally, we believe the right forklift battery should pay you back - not just figuratively, but literally - and reward your trust. One of our flooded lead-acid batteries that exemplifies this principle is the HAWKER ® ENERGY-PLUS™ battery.

HAWKER® ENERGY-PLUS™ Lead-Acid Battery Features & Advantages

Designed for the most demanding applications, the HAWKER® ENERGY-PLUS™ flooded, lead-acid forklift battery goes beyond “operating reliably”. Read more about the features and advantages below, and find a HAWKER® dealer near you to see if the HAWKER® ENERGY-PLUS™ is the right fit for your application.

Up to 20% More Energy than Standard Flooded Lead-Acid Batteries

In the motive power and material handling industries, power translates to one crucial element: operating hours. Less battery watering, battery changeouts, and charging breaks means more materials moved from A to B in any given workday—no matter how hard or heavy those materials are to move.

Naturally, the more materials you move, the more goals you hit, the more product ships, and the more you become an industry leader in solving supply chain woes—both to your customers and your peers. 

The HAWKER ® ENERGY-PLUSflooded lead-acid battery makes maximizing working hours easy. By delivering up to 20% more active material than conventional batteries—without an increase in tray size—the HAWKER® ENERGY-PLUS™ increases workday efficiency and output simultaneously.

Drastically Lower Operating Costs

Industry pros and veterans know that total cost of a battery is more than just the buy price. Like material handling vehicles and forklifts, there’s a cost of ownership to every motive power solution. But by keeping that cost as low as possible, you can increase efficiency and conserve resources for a win/win all around.

The HAWKER® ENERGY-PLUS™ flooded lead-acid battery is deliberately engineered for its extended runtime to start paying you back on day one. Fewer battery changeouts per workday allow you to keep fewer spares and chargers on hand, reducing your overhead. 

Additionally, fewer batteries mean less time lost to maintenance, reduced charging costs, and less square footage dedicated to battery storage. Ultimately, these features add up to noticeably higher productivity and a limited total cost of ownership—not just for one vehicle, but an entire fleet.

Longer Flooded Lead-Acid Battery Life

The first and simplest way that a battery can reward your trust is to last as long as possible. But in traditional flooded lead-acid batteries, there’s usually a tradeoff between battery life and output. 

The HAWKER® ENERGY-PLUS™ battery achieves a whopping estimated lifespan of 1,500 to 2,000 cycles based on one cycle per day and 80% depth of discharge (DoD). These figures are a breeze to hit with the HAWKER® ENERGY-PLUS™ thanks to its greater output and extended runtime.

Longer Work Cycles

In the 21st century, material handling vehicles are expected to work at the drop of a hat. Simply put, you need voltage—on-demand, abundant, and long-lasting.

To power your forklift fleet, the HAWKER® ENERGY-PLUS™ lead-acid battery boasts a higher sustained voltage than any other battery in the industry. Your trucks move faster, work longer, recharge less (if at all) each workday, and the truck will benefit from less wear due to excessive amp draw from the battery voltage. 

In other words, the HAWKER® ENERGY-PLUS™ doesn’t just pay you back with efficiency and performance. It protects your fleet, too.

Experience the HAWKER® ENERGY-PLUS™ Flooded Lead-Acid Battery For Yourself


Working reliably in the harshest conditions is the bare-minimum standard for industry-leading flooded lead-acid batteries. To learn more about the HAWKER® ENERGY-PLUS™ flooded lead-acid battery, contact us today or find a HAWKER® dealer near you. Choose the battery that pays you back, protects your fleet, and limits your overhead—now and in the future.


Is Your Choice of Lead-Acid Battery Paying You Back? 


HAWKER® is the industry leader for all things motive power, including batteries, smart chargers, and data management solutions. We take your trust in us and our products seriously, which is why our lead-acid batteries are designed for serious performance and reduced cost of ownership. To learn more or ask any questions you may have, contact us today. Don’t forget about our Quick Ship Program—delivering the batteries you need within 24 hours!


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