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If you're searching for lowest Total Cost of Ownership batteries to power your material handling equipment, look no further than the HAWKER FLEX® Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) battery. From being virtually maintenance-free to no corrosion, this battery thrives with frequent recharging and is ideal for multi-shift applications such as production areas, retail store and membership warehouses, or areas where maintenance is an issue.

Benefits of the HAWKER FLEX® Battery:

● Provides significant operational benefits at a lower cost of ownership
No watering - EVER
● Minimal gassing – less than 1% of the gassing of a flooded lead-acid battery
● Ideal for multi-shift operations
● Ideal for opportunity and fast charging with no battery changing
● Only one full recharge and an incorporated 2 hour equalization required per week
● Stratification problems are virtually eliminated
● Lower internal resistance resulting in higher charge acceptance
● Shock and vibration resistance – the same as a flooded lead-acid battery
● Environmentally friendly – 99% recyclable

Already have FLEX® in your arsenal?

Remember that if there have been changes to your operation since it was approved for the HAWKER FLEX ® Battery, contact your HAWKER® representative to verify you have the right industrial battery and charger combination for the application.

Contact your local HAWKER® representative today by calling 1-877-7HAWKER (US Only) or click here.