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Powering Progress: HAWKER® Cutting-Edge Showcase at MODEX 2024

MODEX 2024, hosted by MHI, marked a significant milestone in the world of material handling innovation and technology. With a record-breaking attendance of 48,733 attendees, this year's event was the largest MODEX to date, showcasing the rapid growth and evolution of the supply chain industry. Spanning 580,000 square feet and featuring 1,200 exhibitors, MODEX 2024 served as the epicenter for groundbreaking advancements in automation, robotics, artificial intelligence, and more.

HAWKER® showcased our latest advanced technologies – the HAWKER FLEX® Elite TPPL battery, the HAWKER FLEX® Li3 80V lithium-ion battery, the HAWKER® WPT wireless charging, and the HAWKER LifePlus® Xtreme outdoor charger. Our booth was a hub of excitement, where attendees had the opportunity to explore the latest in battery and charger technology designed to drive efficiency, sustainability, and reliability in material handling operations.

Let’s recap some of our biggest highlights from MODEX 2024!

HAWKER® at MODEX 2024: Top Highlights


Hawker Booth MODEX - Back


HAWKER Team at Modex 2024


HAWKER LifePlus® Xtreme - Outdoor Battery Charging for Extreme Conditions

HAWKER LifePlus XTreme Outdoor Charger

Our cutting-edge power solutions were at the heart of our showcase, each tailored to meet the evolving needs of modern supply chain environments. One standout was the HAWKER LifePlus® Xtreme, an outdoor battery charger designed to conquer the toughest challenges faced by ground support equipment (GSE) and outdoor operations. 

With its full IP54 rating, the HAWKER LifePlus® Xtreme ensures uninterrupted power delivery, even in the harshest of weather conditions, empowering businesses to maintain productivity regardless of the environment.

A Closer Look at the HAWKER LifePlus® Xtreme Battery Charger

The HAWKER LifePlus® Xtreme IP54 rated charger is a cost-effective and rugged power solution that offers superior protection, fast charging, and efficient energy usage. The HAWKER LifePlus® Xtreme will not only keep your equipment running smoothly but also help reduce operational downtime and costs.

  • Full communication with batteries via our BBWC4 and CAN fast charge, and lithium
  • Recharges all battery types (flooded lead-acid, TPPL, and lithium-ion)
  • Modularity allows for flexible capacity.
  • Easy setup and data download using free HAWKER® MOD-ifi smart device app (Bluetooth enabled)
  • Variable AC and DC cable length
  • External IP54 cabinet pushbuttons for start/stop/equalize
  • External IP54 cabinet main switch
  • Onboard ethernet (internal connection)
  • Fully programmable to your needs
  • CE/UKCA/UL certification pending


HAWKER FLEX® Elite - A Thin Plate Pure Lead Battery That Does More

For businesses seeking to maximize throughput while minimizing environmental impact, HAWKER® presents the HAWKER FLEX® Elite TPPL battery

Boasting a significant increase in daily throughput compared to standard Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) batteries, the HAWKER FLEX® Elite TPPL battery is equipped with advanced features such as onboard battery management and active cooling, making it an ideal choice for multi-shift operations and environmentally conscious facilities.

What Made the HAWKER FLEX® Elite TPPL Battery Stand Out at MODEX?

The HAWKER FLEX® Elite TPPL battery provides significant operational benefits and a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to traditional flooded, gel or air mixed batteries.

Why? Because HAWKER FLEX® Elite batteries are assembled using a thin grid design of high-purity lead. This innovative TPPL design offers more available power via more plates per bloc and increased plate surface area.

Standard TPPL Technology has over a decade of proven field use and is a smart option for light to medium applications, where the HAWKER FLEX® Elite battery is best suited for heavy-duty, demanding applications using opportunity charging windows.

In fact, HAWKER FLEX® Elite TPPL batteries can attain a 40 to 80% State of Charge (SoC) in one hour when using an appropriately matched HAWKER® charger. This allows you to maximize performance in partial SoC operations, while maximizing the highest SoC daily.


HAWKER FLEX® Li3 80V Lithium Battery Takes Center Stage

HAWKER FLEX Li3 Lithium Ion Battery

Another highlight of the HAWKER® booth was the HAWKER FLEX® Li3 80V battery, a maintenance-free, powerhouse engineered for fast recharge, extended run times, and high energy capacity in a smaller footprint. Designed to meet the demands of heavy-duty applications, including those transitioning from traditional fuel sources to sustainable alternatives, the HAWKER FLEX® Li3 80V battery represents a leap forward in sustainability, efficiency, and performance. 

The addition of our HAWKER FLEX® Li3 80V batteries will fill the current needs of the most demanding operations carrying very heavy loads.

Recently, the HAWKER FLEX® Li3 80V lithium battery successfully and officially obtained the 80V Motive Power Lithium UL2580 Rev3 Certification! This certification is more stringent in requiring batteries to be at 55°C, rather than ambient, at the start of thermal runaway testing. The Rev3 Certification is valid for both our V8.1 and V12 variants, with their populated and depopulated versions.


  • Capacity: 17.8 to 35.7 kWh (222-444 Ah)
  • Can maintain a high State of Charge (SoC) as a result of its fast recharge capability and longer forklift truck run time
  • Eliminates battery changes for peak productivity
  • Maintenance free – no watering, battery cleaning or long equalize charges
  • Integrated Battery Management System (BMS) is designed to Automotive Functional Safety Standard ISO 26262
  • BMS supports greater safety, reliability and battery life by performing auto-diagnosis, voltage limitation (charge and discharge) and communication of performance data
  • Optional forklift truck integration via CAN protocol
  • Engineered with multiple layers of safety
  • CE certified to meet EU safety, health and environmental protection requirements


HAWKER® Debuts New Wireless Charging System - Charging Made Easy!

HAWKER WPT - Wireless Power Transfer Wireless Charger

Rounding out our lineup was the debut of our advanced wireless charging system, the HAWKER® WPT (Wireless Power Transfer). Engineered to streamline charging for Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), this charger eliminates the need for physical connectors, offering a safe, convenient, and maintenance-free solution for modern facilities. 

With contact-free charging pads and intuitive touchscreen controls, the HAWKER® WPT ensures seamless operation, allowing businesses to automate their charging processes with ease.

What Makes it the Most Technologically Advanced Automated HAWKER® Wireless Charging System?

  • Increased Flexibility. 
  • Increased Safety.
  • Increased Productivity.
  • No Human Interaction. 

The HAWKER® WPT wireless charging system offers maximum flexibility with a wide variety of vehicles and battery chemistries.



  • Increased safety with Foreign Object Detection
    • Pauses charge if an object comes between charging pads
    • Pauses charge if a person gets too close to charging pads
  • Opportunity Charging anytime
    • Work breaks, shift changes, any free moment
    • Increases reliability due to no wear and tear on connectors and hardware
    • Eliminates maintenance inherent with connectors and cables
  • Increases productivity with no downtime waiting for plug-ins


We’ll See You Wherever Motive Power Solutions Are Required

With MODEX 2024 in the books, we hope that the impact of our presence at the event reverberates throughout the industry. With our constant pursuit of innovative solutions and unwavering commitment to excellence, we continue to invest in a future powered by efficiency, sustainability, and reliability. 



HAWKER® Extends Thanks to Everyone Who Joined Us at MODEX 2024!

As we wrap up another successful tradeshow, the Hawker Powersource, Inc. family extends thanks to all who've contributed to our success. Explore our advanced motive power solutions and learn more about our Quick Ship Program, delivering batteries within 24 hours. Find the solutions you need by connecting with a HAWKER® dealer near you or contacting us today!