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What do driving ranges and forklift batteries have in common? The answer is HAWKER®

HAWKER® recently hosted our latest Lunch & Learn Event at TopGolf in Nashville, TN. On June 13th, dealers and customers gathered to learn about our latest advanced battery chemistries, Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) and Lithium-Ion, and how they can be integrated into current or emerging power systems. 



Advanced HAWKER® Battery Chemistries

HAWKER® is proactively adapting to our customer’s ever-changing needs by innovating and finding solutions to customer’s challenges via our Research and Development (R&D) engineers. Our robust portfolio of advanced technology solutions coupled with engineering, design, installation, and maintenance services make us a clear choice for all your motive power needs.

We are focused on developing strong partnerships by delivering fact-based, cost-saving solutions.


HAWKER FLEX® Thin Plate Pure Lead batteries (2V and monobloc) provide significant operational benefits at a lower total cost of ownership compared to traditional flooded, gel or air mixed batteries. Assembled using a thin grid design of high-purity lead, TPPL batteries offer more available power via more plates per bloc and increased plate surface area.

Features & Benefits of TPPL Battery Technology:
• TPPL Battery Technology has been proven and tested for more than a decade.
• Excellent performance in partial state of charge operations.
• Short equalize charge weekly as part of the standard charging profile.
• Maximize the highest state of charge daily.
• Perfect for applications requiring up to 1.6 throughput daily of rated capacity.
• Ideal for opportunity and fast charging where frequent plug-ins are available.
• 40 to 80% state of charge in 1 hour (using an appropriately sized HAWKER® charger).
• .4C (40% of rated capacity) for 2V and .7C (70% of rated capacity) for bloc.
• Perfect for light to medium applications – production areas, retail stores and membership warehouses.
• Provides solutions for areas experiencing difficulty in battery watering, battery cleaning, battery changing, and obtaining a full recharge daily.
• Environmentally friendly – 99% recyclable

The HAWKER FLEX® Elite TPPL Battery

In addition to our 2V and monobloc TPPL offerings, HAWKER® recently released the HAWKER FLEX® Elite TPPL battery. This advanced addition to our TPPL product line offers a higher daily throughput by way of an onboard battery management system (BMS) and active cooling for more demanding applications. For applications or facilities which prohibit flooded lead acid batteries and/or are environmentally conscious, this premium battery is a perfect solution.

Features & Benefits of HAWKER FLEX® Elite TPPL Battery Technology:
● Excellent partial state of charge Ah throughput for motive power with the new HAWKER® battery optimized design.
   ○ Higher AH throughput that can exceed typical flooded lead acid batteries with managed Partial State of Charge (PSoC).
   ○ Only 1 full recharge required weekly with automatic 1-2 hour equalize built into the profile.
   ○ The goal is maximizing the highest state of charge daily.
● BMS (Battery Management System) - Controls the state of charge parameters and offers better communication through Controller Area Network (CAN) to the truck and charger.
● Active cooling which mitigates heat during charge and allows for faster recharge.
● Advanced Carbon Chemistry significantly increasing equivalent life cycles in partial state of charge applications.
● Bigger blocs with higher capacities to fulfill the market need for Class I and II TPPL with charge rates up to 70%.
● Compliant with America’s trade agreements.

The HAWKER FLEX® Li3 Lithium-Ion Battery

Built to the highest safety, design, and manufacturing standards, the HAWKER FLEX® Li 3 battery is the superior Lithium-ion (Li-ion) offering to power your material handling vehicles. This cutting-edge battery is offered in multiple sizes and configurations. It is also integrated with innovative battery management technology to deliver intelligent flexible power that is not only reliable, but also may increase productivity and profitability across various lift trucks.

The HAWKER FLEX® Li3 has numerous cutting-edge features, including:
• The highest quality cells, negating the need for active balancing which other suppliers employ.
• Modular design enables scalability to customize power based on demand.
• Virtually maintenance free.
• No equalization required.
• Suitable for all motive power applications. Ideal pairing for all opportunity and fast charging applications.
• The battery and the battery management system (BMS) were both designed using Automotive Functional Safety Standard ISO 26262:2011 ASIL C to meet CE and UL standards. (UL2580 & the new EN 1175:2020)
• Software control design incorporates innovative electronic systems that further improve performance, safety, and sustainability.

Good Times & Great Motive Power Solutions

At HAWKER ®, we love getting the chance talk and laugh with our dedicated dealers and customers. Receiving great feedback and outlining potential opportunities in the future with customers, made for a wonderful event. Thank you to everyone who attended! Keep a lookout for more events in the future and, as always, don’t hesitate to contact us or find a HAWKER ® dealer near you!




Partnering with HAWKER®

When you invest in a HAWKER® product, you’ve made an investment in more than a power system-you’ve invested in a company that brings you the pride and craftsmanship of almost a century of motive power experience and innovation. A partnership you can count on to deliver the highest return on your
battery and charger investment.

You need a partner who is an expert in your business, one who can show you new areas for improvement and savings—HAWKER® is that partner. HAWKER® offers the broadest range of system solution products in the industry and the people and expertise to turn those products into real cost savings. Our relationship is built on understanding and meeting your needs. Contact your nearest HAWKER® dealer today for an on-site assessment or for product information.