Did you know that the average person is on the internet for 5.9 hours a day

With the increase of businesses moving online, companies like ours need a strong digital marketing strategy to maintain a presence, connect with our target market, and make sales. A crucial element to our success is a well-designed website. 

Creating a Good Website
If people are spending that much time online every day, we’re hoping that they spend more than a few seconds on our website. However, creating a good website is no small feat, and it often feels like quite the task. For a website to be successful it must be visually appealing, functional, engaging, and helpful in leading consumers to sales. In the world of web development and web design, at first, we didn’t even know where to start. But, as we pursued our digital marketing strategy and website, we found some things that would be helpful to pass along to you as you consider updating your site. 

There are a few elements that are the most noticeable when it comes to having a winning website. We’ve found that our website needs… 

1. A good design that is responsive to mobile devices.
Like most first impressions, our website’s first impression is based on its appearance. Overall, design matters in a website because 57% of people will not recommend your site if it’s poorly designed. We’ve seen that our website’s design will lead our customers to explore our page.  

Additionally, when designing our website, we had to consider how our website will look on a mobile device. Over 58% of all website traffic is from mobile devices. Optimizing our website design to be streamlined over multiple devices is important in providing our consumers with consistency and quality in their interaction with our brand. If we don’t consider how our website looks on a phone and it’s a poor design, then chances are, we’re losing customers.
2. Speed while loading.
Quick website loading times aren’t only a preference, they’re an expectation. Websites that load in five seconds or less see 70% longer sessions from consumers. We see that the longer people spend on our website, the longer they are consuming our content and are likely to engage with our company. If someone visits our website, we want their time to be spent reading our content, not waiting for pages to load. 

3. Engaging content that adds value.
A key to a successful website is frequent updating through content marketing. Content marketing tactics, such as our company’s published articles, provide our consumers with news that they care to learn about. We’ve ensured that our website must contain elements, such as articles and videos that add value to our consumer’s visit to our website. In addition, frequent updates to our website can help our company to appear in Google searches.  

The Importance of a Website 
Having a website is important, but why? Our strategy includes a well-designed website for many reasons, from awareness and relevance in our industry to branding and sales. 

Three prominent effects of having a good website are that a website…
1. Helps you to show up on Google search.
Most internet activity begins on a Google search, and page one of the search results is where your company’s website needs to appear. 

2. Engages and educates your target market. 
By posting articles and relevant information onto our website, we are setting ourselves apart from the competition, building relationships with our consumers, and establishing our thought leadership. 

3. Generates leads to sales.
As consumers embark on their purchase journey, websites play a key role in informing and convincing consumers to buy products and services. 

The truth is, 75% of people admit to judging the credibility of your company online. That means the consumer’s idea of the mission, individuality, and success of our company are all based on whether or not we have a good website. 


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