When you need power and you need it fast, rely on HAWKER’s LifePlus MOD3 charger, combining the HAWKER LifePlus charging heritage with the advantages of modular power technology.

A high-frequency switch-mode IONIC smart charger, this MOD3 charger offers advantages to enhance your operational flexibility, lowering costs and downtime. 

Benefits of the LifePlus MOD3
Considered one of the smartest and most energy-efficient chargers in the industry, the LifePlus MOD3 charger operates at efficiencies of up to 94% and a power factor of .96. In addition, the LifePlus MOD3 charger is the easiest high-frequency switch-mode charger in the industry to operate. On-site programming allows the charger to be custom-fit for a wide range of applications.

The LifePlus MOD3 also communicates wirelessly with the Battery Boss WC (BBWC) and maintains a data history of charge parameters for analysis and optimization. It also offers an optional Ethernet interface for network connectivity for monitoring and data collection.

Every module in the LifePlus MOD3 charger is standalone, meaning the risks of catastrophic failures and downtime are eliminated.

LifePlus MOD3 chargers also boast five unique profiles, including:
●  IONIC- the preferred choice for most applications. This patented, exclusive profile employs periodic current pulses which both identify the battery’s true capacity and state of charge, as well as mix the electrolyte throughout charge to avoid acid stratification and reduce gassing, thus water consumption.
●  Cold Storage - this profile will be automatically selected if the battery temperature drops below 59ºF when communicating with the BBWC.
●  TPPL 2V - Fast or opportunity charging of HAWKER TPPL 2V batteries.
●  TPPL Bloc - Fast or opportunity charging of HAWKER TPPL Bloc batteries.
●  Opportunity - Charger current is up to a 25% start rate depending on battery and charger size.
Modular Power, Advancing Your Operations
LifePlus MOD3 chargers leverage modern modular power technology to amplify your operations. The LifePlus MOD3 charger supplies dependable, proven power, keeping you moving with maximum reliability and improved efficiency. 

Its modular design allows for adaptation to a wide variety of battery capacities, reducing the number of chargers needed for your fleet. Because of its unique profiles, the LifePlus MOD3 charger also allows for reduced downtime when using two to six power modules. If a module stops working, the other modules will continue working to charge the battery.

And if at any point your LifePlus MOD3 charger senses a failure, its self-diagnostics quickly alerts operators to the problem, so it can be rectified quickly. If a replacement is necessary, installation is fast and simple.

Choose LifePlus MOD3 For Your Operations
When you choose a LifePlus MOD3 charger for your operation, you can expect energy, maintenance and battery savings across the board. From self-diagnostics to 25% less time and money spent on battery waterings, your LifePlus MOD3 will streamline your daily activities, allowing you to focus on what matters most - your operation.

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