Top Advantages of TPPL Batteries

The last thing you need in your warehouse is unscheduled downtime due to a failing battery. At HAWKER®, we’re committed to providing reliable, progressive motive power solutions to keep your battery fleet up and running.

Our customers need batteries, chargers, and accessories that can adapt to various applications and environments. While there’s a buzz around lithium-ion batteries, this power solution is best suited for heavy-duty applications. Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) technology is better suited for light to medium-duty applications, or applications with a throughput of 180% or less. Thin Plate Pure Lead batteries, such as our HAWKER FLEX® battery, could provide many benefits to your warehouse at a more cost-effective price. We’re proud to offer this industry-leading, flexible power solution to our customers!

Benefits of Thin Plate Pure Lead Batteries

HAWKER® TPPL technology ensures battery performance through design. Assembled using a thin grid design of high-purity lead, TPPL batteries offer more available power via more plates per bloc or cell and increased plate surface area. These batteries have a higher charge acceptance and thrive with frequent recharging. TPPL batteries require virtually no maintenance (zero watering) saving you time and money, and are 99% recyclable - making them environmentally friendly. But the advantages don’t stop there! TPPL batteries provide you with the power you need, whenever you need it. 

Added Features & Adaptability

TPPL technology creates industry-leading versatility with numerous benefits and features, including:
● High energy throughput
● Long maintenance-free life cycle 
● Extreme shock and vibration resistance
● Environmentally friendly and recyclable 
● Minimum gassing: ideal for use in shops, public areas, and sensitive manufacturing areas 
● Ideal for multi-shift operations and opportunity charging
● Short recharge times
● Ideal for partial state of charge (SoC) operations with one full charge and short equalization per week
● Long shelf life (up to 2 years at 68°F)

Unparalleled Flexibility

The HAWKER FLEX® and HAWKER FLEXPAK™ batteries provide the flexibility you need to reduce operating costs associated with standard flooded batteries by being virtually maintenance-free. 

HAWKER FLEX® batteries are suitable for all types of light to medium-duty applications, such as:
● Pallet trucks
● Industrial utility vehicles
● Automated guided vehicles (AGV)
● Floorcare/cleaning machines
● Shuttle personnel carriers
● Narrow aisle fork trucks
● And more!

TPPL technology provides significant operational benefits at a lower total cost of ownership compared to traditional flooded, gel, or air mixed batteries. These batteries will literally change the way you work! 

Experience the difference TPPL technology can make in your operation!

At HAWKER®, our goal is to provide the industry’s most reliable motive power solutions. We've developed high-quality alternative motive power solutions through our commitment to innovative technology and data-driven solutions. 

The HAWKER FLEX® battery is the industry’s premium TPPL battery that can power your material handling vehicles. Contact your local HAWKER® battery and charger representative today by calling 1-877-7HAWKER (U.S. and CA only) or click here.