In the midst of all the chaos of 2020, the material handling industry is still projecting global growth trend. According to this year’s calculations, the global market for material handling equipment is projected to record a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.65% from 2020 to 2028.

While the United States market has remained on a consistent path of growth, a key region that has experienced an elevated expansion in the material handling industry, is the market in Mexico. 

Materials Handling Industry in Mexico 

John Kenemore, founder of Battery Concepts International, Inc. (BCI) and a key member of the Hawker Dealer Network, has a significant amount of experience and understanding of working in Mexico. When it comes to the culture, trends, and expectations of the Mexican market, there are a few differentiating factors that make this market unique.

“The mantra of ‘bueno, bonito y barrato,’ which refers to ‘good price, looks good, and is inexpensive,’ has been the country’s standard for decades,” Kenemore says. 

With this standard in mind, companies who are trying to break into the Mexico market for materials handling and motive power must provide quality products at a reasonable price. And with the market continually evolving, material handling companies in Mexico must be able to evolve alongside, if not ahead of, the current trends and technologies.

“When provided with systems necessary to determine needs and ensure the correct application of the desired technologies, this market is very open to avenues of improvement,” says Kenemore.

As opposed to some other geographies that are more seasoned in the material handling industry, the Mexican market seems to be open to change, truly seeking out the best forklifts, lift trucks, data management systems, industrial batteries, industrial chargers, and other material handling products, services, and technologies.

“Mexico is a dynamic market. The market is full of engineers and customers who are looking for the technologies of tomorrow,” Kenemore says. 

Recent Changes to the Material Handling Industry in Mexico

Over the last five years, there have been many changes and developments in the material handling industry in Mexico. Through a concerted effort to convert to high-efficiency electric forklifts, the Mexican market has been swiftly increasing productivity and efficiency while reducing costs.  

“The end-users who fully analyze their return on investment always find that the Electric Opportunity, Rapid Charge, and Supercharge technologies are game-changers to their bottom lines,” Kenemore says.

And while a majority of the Mexican market is open to new technologies, there are still growing pains. It’s common for many businesses in the Mexican market to try and force the older technologies to integrate with the newer ones. Instead of seeing the leaps of technological advancements as replacements for legacy operations, an end-user may still fight for older technology to be used.  

“There is some resistance to making changes to operational processes, and sometimes a difference in culture is the primary challenge and cause of frustration,” says Kenemore. “However, in Mexico, I find most end-users are open to new technologies that will improve operations.”

The Right Approach: The Hawker Dealer Network in Mexico

At Hawker, we’ve positioned ourselves as a key manufacturer in the material handling and motive power industry, confidently leading Mexico into a technological advantage in manufacturing and distribution. 

Hawker’s quality products, consistent dedication to improving the product quality, and development of market strategy, help to consistently provide solutions for the Mexican market that allow for the lowest total cost of ownership.   
“The partnership between Hawker and BCI enables us to design a solution to maximize productivity and product life. Not only can we analyze needs at installation, but also throughout the life of the equipment through advanced monitoring and continuous feedback,” says Kenemore. 

Ultimately, by operating with Hawker batteries and within the Hawker Dealer Network, customers in Mexico can begin implementing the new, game-changing technologies that will result in increased productivity and significant cost reductions.

“The Material Handling Industry in Mexico is changing now and Hawker is there for my customers today with the right approach, the right technology, and the right solution,” says Kenemore.

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