Hawker is excited to say that this year's ProMat Show was a HUGE success! With a record-breaking 45,000 people in attendance, 1,000 exhibitors, and 420,000 sq.ft. of exhibit space, the crowd was massive. Hawker received an overwhelming response to the look and feel of our booth as well as the new technologies being developed. The overall focus for us this year was promoting our vast product range of hybrid solutions - customized specifically for every customer's needs.

This year we previewed our newest TPPL battery, Flex Elite, new lithium battery, FLEX Li3, and the latest in charging technology, inductive charging.

Hawker's FLEX Li3 lithium battery is the newest product in our solutions portfolio, which will be formally introduced later in 2019. This battery is virtually maintenance free, suitable for all applications, and is ideal for opportunity and fast charging. It’s backed with the highest quality lithium technology and support from the world's largest industrial battery manufacturer. The FLEX Li3 is built with the highest standards and safety redundancies and was designed using ISO 26262 ASIL C to be CE and UL compliant. The modular design of the battery enables scalability for additional capacity. An on-board CAN bus communication, comprehensive Battery Management System, and audible and visible state of charge (SoC) status help protect your asset and investment. This product is scheduled to launch later this year but feel free to catch a glimpse of the new FLEX Li3, click here.

Li3 Li1 b  li 2 2 maxx mod modback


Hawker's FLEX Elite is the newest thin plate pure lead (TPPL) battery in development to join our FLEX battery line. The FLEX Elite offers premium benefits such as excellent partial state of charge AH throughput for motive power with the new Hawker optimized design:

  • Includes a Battery Management System (BMS) controls the state of charge parameters and offers better communication through CAN to the truck and charger,
  • Offers larger blocs with higher capacities to fulfill the market need for Class 1 and 2 TPPL with charge rates up to 70%,
  • and will be manufactured in the USA - allowing for quicker availability and will be compliant with America's trade agreements.

This product will require minimal maintenance and will be ideal for multi-shift operations. The FLEX Elite battery will be available in 2020.

elite1 elite 2 b elite 3


The most recent product in our charger technology development is inductive charging. This technology will eliminate the need for operators to disconnect the battery from the truck and connect it to the charger; making the charging process, as simple as driving up and parking.



At Hawker, we continually strive to be the technological leader in the motive power industry. With the above mentioned technology developments, we will continue to bring advanced solutions to our customers.

If you were not able to attend ProMat 2019, check out the pictures below of our booth, newest products, and familiar faces.


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To learn more about the advanced solutions we've been working on, click here to watch a video and check out our latest blog - 2019 Product Progress and Development.