As the world’s largest lead-acid battery brand, we’re committed to improving our operations to meet and exceed the needs of our customers and employees. That’s why this year we  launched Phase 1 of renovations to our manufacturing facility with the goal of utilizing new technologies and streamlining our processes.  Our ultimate goal throughout the various phases of renovation is to provide our customers the absolute best quality products completed in a timely manner at the lowest cost possible. Our secondary goal is to provide our employees with the best tools, environment and working conditions possible.

Phase 1 - Features and Benefits

With Phase 1 of our renovation, our aim is to mainstream our entire manufacturing process and eliminate any non-value added processes. We’re increasing our footprint with a building expansion; updating our building’s facade; removing walls in our plant for expansion; moving Finishing and Shipping to our new distribution center; employing a new automated finishing line, automated plate wrapper, small parts farmer and grid-casting machine; redoing the decontamination area for plant workers and much more!

reno 3

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We’re particularly excited about the rehoming of our Finishing and Shipping departments to our newest acquired property located next door to the main production facility. This change will allow our departments maximum space for more efficient workflow. Additionally, the rehoming of Finishing and Shipping will allow for the expansion of our Assembly and Receiving departments and create space for potential new products to be produced.

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At HAWKER, we strive to continuously find new ways to improve our facility and provide our customers the best products at the lowest price, and our employees a space where they can grow and optimize their performance. 

We’re dedicated to setting the standard for motive power battery production and being the single-source solution for your motive power needs.

With over 75 authorized sales and service centers across North America, HAWKER can provide the best solution for your business’ needs. From forklifts to AGVs, we offer a range of solutions that will bolster production while keeping your operation sustainable and environmentally-conscious. Contact your local HAWKER representative today by calling 1-877-7HAWKER or click here.