How Data Analytics Can Boost The Efficiency of Your Forklift Fleet


Given the ever-present pressure on material handling companies to reduce costs and increase productivity, warehouse managers are continually seeking ways to optimize their operations. For many material handling companies, a key way to enhance operational efficiency is through effective forklift fleet data management.

Two Critical Questions Data Analytics Can Help Answer

Forklift fleet data management has developed significantly over the last few years due to increased telemetrics, wireless networks, and enhanced analytics tools. At HAWKER®, we’ve seen firsthand how using a cloud-based data management tool, such as HawkerNET™, can positively influence a material handling company’s operations. 

To truly improve your company’s production, you need data-driven answers to the following questions. With these questions in mind, you can find the solution to how to best handle your forklifts, pallet jacks, and other material handling equipment and applications to experience peak performance.

1. How efficiently is your battery fleet being managed?

A data analytics tool can help you monitor the utilization of your forklift fleet. To properly manage your batteries’ usage, you should be rotating them in a consistent, even manner across the entire fleet. A data analytics tool such as HawkerNET™ collects and compiles this information giving you key insights, such as potential overuse or if your fleet size needs to expand to increase efficiency. 


2. How well is the battery fleet being maintained?

Additionally, data analytics allow you to proactively maintain the health of your industrial batteries. Batteries are a critical element of lift truck operation, so properly managing their overall maintenance to avoid downtime is key. Batteries that aren’t adequately maintained can have a shorter life span and negatively impact your operation’s productivity. By analyzing critical data about your fleet, you can prolong battery life, ensure warranty coverage, and avoid operational failures through preventative maintenance.

Benefits of HawkerNET™

HawkerNET™ is a cloud-based battery management tool that can help you answer the above questions, leading to a more successful, effective operational status. There are many benefits to using the HawkerNET™ battery management tool, but a primary benefit is that the information is accessible by secure login through any web and mobile browser. This means you’re wirelessly connected to your battery fleet at all times, allowing you to monitor off-site and be notified of any irregularities or problems immediately. 

Not only does the HawkerNET™ battery data management tool collect critical information, but it also analyzes, interprets, and interactively displays the data. With easy-to-read charts and graphs, you can make essential leadership decisions confidently and efficiently. If you’re looking for the best way to enhance the efficiency of your forklift fleet, using a data management and analytics tool like HawkerNET™ is sure to help you succeed.


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