HAWKER FLEX® Li3: The Industry’s First UL 2580 Listed Lithium Batteries Designed Using ISO 26262 Standards

The HAWKER FLEX® Li3 Battery is displayed with the brand label and verbiage stating Now UL 2580 listed along with the HAWKER logo.

Whether you own, operate, or lease forklifts, you’re probably aware of the latest power solutions available—and that it’s an exciting time for battery innovation. Here at HAWKER®, we’ve achieved the North American motive power industry’s first UL 2580 listed lithium-ion batteries designed using ISO 26262 standards, the HAWKER FLEX® Li3.


Built to the highest safety, design, and manufacturing standards, the HAWKER FLEX® Li3 Battery is the premium Lithium-ion (Li-ion) offering to power your material handling vehicles. 

Offered in multiple sizes and configurations, the HAWKER FLEX® Li3 lithium-ion battery is integrated with innovative battery management technology to deliver intelligent, flexible power that is reliable and can increase productivity and profitability across lift truck operations.

UL 2580 Listing

Recently, the HAWKER FLEX® Li3 battery has received the prestigious UL 2580 Listing. In the material handling industry, this shows that the HAWKER FLEX® Li3 battery is a breakthrough in safety and reliability. Batteries with a UL Listing have been tested to meet nationally-recognized safety standards as a complete final product.

The Significance of this Achievement 

The UL 2580 Listing is a massive achievement for HAWKER® in the North American motive power industry. Why is this so important? 
❖ Underwriters Laboratories (UL) evaluates parameters such as the battery’s chemistry, manufacturing process, and testing protocols to help establish which batteries are the safest.
❖ Lithium technology can be very volatile and dangerous if not monitored/appropriately controlled; however, you can be certain your battery meets industry safety and performance standards. 

The HAWKER FLEX® Li3 lithium-ion battery offers a motive power solution that marries the certainty of tried-and-true technology with the pioneering elements of lithium-ion technology.

Features & Benefits of the HAWKER FLEX® Li3 Battery 

The HAWKER FLEX® Li3 Lithium-Ion Forklift Battery offers an efficient power solution without jeopardizing the safety of both operators and equipment. 
1. Designed to meet CE and UL standards (UL 2580 and the new EN1175:2020). 
2. Battery management system (BMS) designed using stringent Automotive Functional Safety Standard ISO 26262:2011 meeting Automotive Safety Integrity Level C (ASIIL C). 
3. Utilizes the highest quality of cells, negating the need for active balancing, which other suppliers employ. 
4. A comprehensive Battery Management System (BMS) protects your asset from over-discharging and provides SoC control for additional performance benefits. 
5. Nickel Manganese Cobalt (NMC) chemistry for high volts per cell (VPC). 
6. Software control design incorporates innovative electronic systems that improve performance, safety, and sustainability.

The Future of Power Is Here 

Lithium-ion has been around for years, however, being able to safely harness its power without the risk of surges and volatility has posed issue. The HAWKER FLEX® Li3 has changed that. 

Here at HAWKER®, we’re beyond excited to offer the new HAWKER FLEX® Li3 Battery. Call or visit us online today to learn more.