HAWKER® Dealer Network: Pairing Expert Solutions with Service and Support


When you purchase a HAWKER® product, you are not only investing in a motive power solution but a lifetime partnership of service and support.

With more than eighty-five years of motive power experience, Hawker Powersource, Inc.  provides more than simple sales and service to our dealers. We are genuinely invested in your business' success and will do all that we can to provide support, technology, and solutions that will enhance growth and improvement.

HAWKER® Battery and Charger Dealer Network: Pairing Expert Solutions with Service and Support

At Hawker Powersource, Inc., we are focused on developing strong relationships with our network of premium dealers across North America. If you’re curious about the benefits of becoming a part of the HAWKER® Dealer Network, read on and hear first-hand from one of our dealers, Indy PowerGrid

Indy PowerGrid: An Exceptional HAWKER® Dealer

Michael Galyen, the President and owner of Indy PowerGrid, has an extensive background in chemistry, analytics, testing, and entrepreneurship - all in relation to industrial batteries. 

Galyen was familiar with the HAWKER® brand prior to acquiring Indy PowerGrid and was excited for the opportunity to join the HAWKER® Dealer Network when the opportunity was presented. With an extensive background in battery technology, Michael brought an invaluable number of assets to Indy PowerGrid, as well to the material handling and motive power industries. 

Prior to Indy PowerGrid, Galyen began his career as a chemist working in a materials analysis laboratory supporting the battery industry. During his tenure there, he gained experience analyzing failure modes associated with lead acid and lithium batteries. This experience comprised of conducting testing, tearing down the battery to analyze internal components, then running complex tests on the components such as X-Ray Diffraction and Inductively Coupled Plasma. Additionally, he also analyzed plate morphology using Scanning Electron Microscopy. Following his work at the laboratory, Michael owned and operated a small electrical battery testing business for eight years focusing on cycle life and performance on all types of energy storage devices (lithium, lead-acid, alkaline, capacitors, etc.). During this time Galyen also belonged to several standards organizations, including Battery Council International where he served on the Technical, Deep Cycle & EV, and Industrial Battery and Charger committees; as well as, several of SAE’s battery committees. Beyond testing and throughout his career, Michael had the opportunity to work within various segments of the energy storage sector including data centers, sub stations, telecommunication sites, and island microgrids. All of Galyen’s years of experience and exposure in the battery industry helped form his thought process around the industry and market as a whole, thus leading to him acquiring Indy PowerGrid and becoming the authorized HAWKER® battery and charger dealer for Indiana.

“I knew that Hawker Powersource, Inc., had a good reputation and strong product lineup,” says Galyen. “I also knew the direction that HAWKER® was moving regarding technology advancements, and those things attracted me to this partnership.”

Now, Indy PowerGrid is one of the largest authorized dealers in Indiana for HAWKER® batteries and chargers. Pairing Galyen’s experience with the HAWKER® company approach to motive power solutions has helped the business grow in product offerings while maintaining outstanding customer service.

“Our main drive is to provide exceptional service and knowledge to our customers. Having a partner with access to technology and a good battery and charger products, like the HAWKER® brand, allows for us to provide solutions to our customers in a meaningful way,” says Galyen. “The HAWKER® motive power product lineup allows us to combine the right solution for each customer. And through our joint expertise, product offerings and employees, we can fully support our customers by delivering excellent service.”

Turning Opportunities into Success Stories 

For dealers such as Indy PowerGrid, access to HAWKER® technology and data collection applications are a significant part of their strategy and success.

"The product lineup allows us to have a solution for just about any application. Also, we can utilize data to drive the right solution, producing significant results. I know based on the data we generate that a HAWKER®Water Less® battery might be the best option for a customer or when a HAWKER®FLEX® Li3 battery may be more appropriate." 

HAWKER® technology solutions not only help with sales for new customers, but service, maintenance, and upkeep for existing customers, as well. 

“We utilize the data to ensure that changing environments at a customer’s site are addressed in regard to their battery and charger,” says Galyen. “If a customer has a change in operation from a demand and shift schedule standpoint, we can make adjustments to the programming on the chargers to make sure their batteries are ready when needed. More importantly, we can monitor those changes and ensure the products are working as intended.” 

Because HAWKER ® battery and charger dealers use a data-driven approach to sizing and servicing customers, having helpful data points and knowledge of motive power products is critical to the growth and progress of their businesses.

“The HAWKER ® brand encompasses many of the aspects that I feel are required to be successful as a dealer. None of this would be possible without the access to the technology and premium power products that Hawker Powersource, Inc. offers,” says Galyen.

One benefit of dealers partnering with HAWKER® allows them to quickly address and solve issues that may arise. At any point, if a dealer has questions or needs service or advice, knowledgeable HAWKER® battery and charger professionals can quickly troubleshoot problems and provide effective solutions. 

“The biggest way the HAWKER® brand has positively impacted my business is by giving great support and helping us in any way they can to grow and be successful,” says Galyen. “Hawker Powersource, Inc. sees the value in opportunities we offer and continually supports us to help make those opportunities success stories.”

Partner with HAWKER®: The HAWKER® Dealer Network 

With partners all across North America, Hawker Powersource, Inc.  provides the best motive power solutions for your business’ needs. Contact your local HAWKER® battery and charger representative today by calling 1-877-7HAWKER or click here.