Flex Power System


Can you imagine opportunity and fast charging without watering?  Now you can with the new FLEX and FLEXPAK batteries from Hawker.  Hawker is excited to officially introduce our latest edition to the battery and charger solution product lines- FLEX batteries and FLEX/FLEXPLUS chargers.


FLEX batteries are Thin Plate Pure Lead batteries which are suitable for a variety of applications and essentially maintenance free. They’re valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries which never require watering.  FLEX batteries offer outstanding flexibility and ease of use. These batteries give you the power of productivity and will revolutionize the way you work.


Employing TPPL technology, these batteries have a thin plate pure lead design which allows more plates in the same space, resulting in more surface area and higher energy density. The pure lead designed grids and chemistry of the battery have lower resistance, thus accepts a high rate of charge.  Due to the very low internal resistance, FLEX batteries can be opportunity or fast charged without generating a lot of heat.  FLEX batteries will complement the existing FLEXPAK batteries which have been available for some time.


FLEX and/or FLEXPAK batteries are excellent partial state of charge batteries and thrive in applications where frequent recharging is available.  Operations currently opportunity and/or fast charging flooded batteries are a great place to target.  They can be used in Class I, II and III trucks which include counterbalanced, narrow aisle fork trucks, and pallet jacks.FLEX batteries are available in 2v cells up to 750AH and voltages up to 48v. 


All FLEX bloc batteries come standard with an LVA (low voltage alarm), while all 2v cell batteries also have the BBWC.  Since these batteries are not prone to sulphation like flooded batteries, they can be stored for long periods of time without a refresh charge.  FLEX batteries do not require a daily complete charge. They only require one full charge and a two hour equalization per week.


In addition to the new FLEX batteries, Hawker also introduces a new charger line for the TPPL products – FLEX and FLEXPLUS chargers.  When sized appropriately, FLEX chargers can charge up to 25% on 2v cells and 70% on bloc batteries. FLEXPLUS chargers can charge up to 40% on 2v cells and 70% on bloc batteries.


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