In order to remain a leader in the motive power industry, we’re constantly innovating, testing, and improving our product line. In anticipation of the launch of several new battery and charger products, we’ve worked hard to make sure they are ready to exceed our customers’ needs and expectations!

Marty Srog, Director of Operations and Marketing for HAWKER®, discussed the technology progress and other exciting trends he’s looking forward to in 2019. 

Our Progress

The introduction of lithium batteries is changing the landscape of motive power.

Li3 Label

The HAWKERFLEX®Lilithium battery is scheduled to be introduced to the market soon. The FLEX® Li3 battery is ideal for customers with multi-shift, heavy duty (higher than 160% throughput) operations with known maintenance issues and sensitivity to gassing. The lithium cells HAWKER® will utilize are of the highest quality and have been tested by a team of engineers’ that represent the most advanced technologies in the market. Employing an advanced modular design, scalability will be able to meet all of the customer’s energy demands.

Li3 Rendering


Powering the future will be the HAWKER® inductive charger that will charge not only our lithium battery but also our flooded and thin plate pure lead batteries. Offering rapid and wireless charging, the HAWKER® inductive charger will mean minimal-to-no downtime for the customer. Using cloud technology, battery data will constantly be collected and shared. Through cloud sharing, the customer will constantly receive real-time battery, charger and fleet analytics directly to their preferred means of notification allowing them to take corrective actions if needed.

“Lithium ion has a very high energy density and is essentially maintenance free, which is very advantageous for customers. When utilizing inductive charging, operators will not have to plug into a charger. There will be less required from the operator, making the whole package virtually maintenance free. Additionally - no connector replacements!” says Marty. 

These technologies will continue to modernize motive power solutions, offering more energy density in batteries and a higher degree of charging intelligence – equaling increased value for consumers. “With a higher energy density,” Marty says, “customers will quickly charge a large portion of their fleet with a battery that requires little to no maintenance - simplifying their demands and increasing their output!” 

However, this new technology will require consumers to partner with a motive power solutions company like HAWKER® that is well positioned to provide the analytics for the technology requirements to meet application and lift truck demands.

HAWKER®: A Leader in Motive Power Innovation

At HAWKER®, adding new, innovative products to our toolkit is just part of the job. As a solution-oriented organization, we are invested in growth with hundreds of engineers working to bring the market new products that will benefit our customers.  

“Our customers can expect us to continue to be the leader in innovation. The work being accomplished on our next-generation charger will offer advantages that distinguish us from our competition,” Marty says. “We work hard to separate ourselves from the competition by striving to continuously introduce new technology to streamline our customers’ workload. We’re excited to release our FLEX® Li3 lithium battery soon, and as always, continue to develop and launch the best motive power solutions in the industry since 1982.”


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