The Ultimate Power Source

When your operation depends on a heavy-duty battery - a battery that can stand up and deliver even under the most punishing conditions -you can depend on the power of ENERGY-PLUS™.

The Right Power Solution

Want to increase your productivity with less down time and less change outs? If so, you need to determine which power solution option is right for you. 1) buy more standard capacity batteries, or 2) buy high-energy batteries.

In order to make that decision, first you must understand your needs or existing battery problems. Ask yourself these questions:

• Do your current batteries have trouble lasting a full shift?

• Do you experience short battery life?

• Do you expect your duty cycle to become
more demanding?

• Do your trucks operate in harsh conditions?

• Are your trucks required to make long runs and high lifts?

• Do your trucks operate with attachments that demand added power?

• Do you require at least five years of trouble-free power?


Added Benefits

Ten Commandments of
Good Battery Care

If you answered, "yes" to any or all of these questions, then a high-energy battery might be the right solution to meet your needs. And not just any high-energy battery, but the ENERGY-PLUS™ battery by HAWKER. What's the difference you ask?

Power by Design

All high-energy batteries are not created equal!

Some battery manufacturers of high-energy batteries use an increase in specific gravity to achieve more power.

The ENERGY-PLUS™ battery by HAWKER, on the other hand, employs a unique multi-plate design to pack more active material - and more power - into the same space.

The ENERGY-PLUS™ battery's key to delivering both more power AND longer life is maintaining a proper balance of active material and electrolyte. Unlike other "high-energy" batteries that rely solely upon higher gravity acid to deliver higher output, Energy-Plus™ uses additional full-size plates in a balanced electrolyte to produce higher sustained voltages and longer run times - without sacrificing longevity. This advanced multi-plate design means your batteries provide ultimate power for a longer time.

Power on Demand

ENERGY-PLUS™ is specifically designed to stand up and deliver in the most demanding environments. For trucks that are operating in harsh conditions, making long runs and high lifts and using attachments that require added power, ENERGY-PLUS™ is the battery that can keep them moving faster and working longer.
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